Started writing daily.

After reading James Clear’s thread in twitter, I have come to a decision that I will apply it to my life what is being told. Because, there was some cases like I feel that I am not being listened by people around me whether I am telling them my opinion or a fact or just a funny thing makes me laugh. It is because I don’t know how to tell stories. That is what Clear’s thread was about. If you feel like you are not good at story-telling. That is probably because you don’t have tons of good and appropriate stories to tell for that particular situation. Then what you are going to do? You have to learn them.

Before going deeper in why and how to learn stories. Let’s go one step back and clarify why is it crucial to tell stories.

They make the point you refer easier to remember and understand. If you try to tell people what is really matter to you using some numbers, important persons opinions etc. probably they feel like what are you telling me, am I in a class right now !? Even when you are telling them very important issue with pointing truths. They just don’t care or are not ready to listen to it at that time. But when you start the conversation by telling a good story, you just get the attraction you need. And what more important is at the end of the day, they likely forget the numbers or facts or the other important stuff you told but remember one thing, story they have listened to carefully and enjoyed. Stories draw a picture in persons minds. They will keep this visual image even if they forgot all the words about it you told.

So, got the idea behind the telling-(good)stories (in good way). They are very easy to tell your whole point in a joyful and easy language also very easy to remember. Then, how to be a good story-teller. Where to start? What to do to improve this very core skill that makes it easier to communicate with your boss and with your neighbour at the same time. Tomorrow, you will be ready to start and know what covers story-telling and where do these magical stories come from?



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